ABC’s Terry Moran: “Nazi’s Railroaded”?

Is there ANY wonder why people who enjoy REAL news tune out ABC News?:

ABC’s concerns: A Saddam Hussein trial could embarrass the U.S., it will be hard to find “impartial judges in Iraq” and Nazis were “railroaded” at Nuremberg. Barely an hour after Paul Bremer had announced the capture of Saddam Hussein, ABC’s Terry Moran, at the White House, reminded viewers how for many years the “United States had an interesting relationship, to say the least, with the Iraqi government” as “Secretary Rumsfeld was over in Baghdad meeting with Saddam Hussein years ago” and “there are allegations that the United States provided weapons to Saddam Hussein’s regime during the Iran-Iraq war. And all that could spill out in a big show trial.”

A few minutes later, Moran fretted about the inequities awaiting Hussein as he lamented how the Nuremberg trial of Nazis was “not considered to be a model of legal niceties. They railroaded, in some respects, those defendants through, in the eyes of many jurists today.” (In an e-mail to National Review Online later in the day, Moran conceded that saying the Nazis were “railroaded” was “foolish and wrong.”) *snip*

Ever watch this guy at the daily White House press briefings with Scott McLellen? To say that he despises the Bush Adminstration would be putting it mildly.

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