Transcript of Mansoor Ijaz’s comments on Fox this a.m.

I mentioned Mansoor’s blistering comments about Richard Clarke’s claims in a prior post. Here’s a transcript of what he said as it relates to Clarke’s comments (courtesy Rush Limbaugh’s Site – I’ll vouch for their accuracy as I watched the show):

IJAZ: Let me tell the American people this morning in no uncertain terms, I was personally asked to brief Condoleezza Rice’s deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley on exactly what had gone wrong in the previous efforts to get bin Laden out of the Sudan, to get the terrorism data out of the Sudan, which I negotiated the offer for, to get bin Laden out of Afghanistan in the spring and summer of 2000, using at Abu Dhabi Royal Family as a proxy to get him out on an extradition offer, and in each case of things that were involved in the Clinton administration, Richard Clarke himself stepped in and blocked the efforts that were being made over and over and over again. The embassy bombings in 1998 may not have happened if Richard Clarke had not gone to Sandy Berger in October of 1997 and told him to reverse the decision, to go into the Sudan and get the terrorism data out. This is absolutely disingenuous; it comes very close to flat-out lying, and I challenge Richard Clarke right here and right now, anywhere, any time, on any television show, I will sit next to him or opposite him and let him bring out the facts of what he’s saying and let’s find out what the truth is.

Ijaz to Clarke: BRING IT ON!!

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