ABC News Prez. on opinions in the media


A reader emailed me this story today from the Harvard Crimson. ABC News President David Westin addresses opinions in the media and what impact they’ve had on the MSM:

ABC News President David Westin warned against the proliferation of opinion commentary in the news media at the Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum yesterday night.

“The more time we express our opinions, the less time we have to talk about the facts” Westin said. “Unfortunately, opinion is driving out facts too often in most of what we see on television today.”

In a speech entitled “Is Network News Obsolete?” Westin argued that network news is far from dead but that the networks must adapt to changes in media.

Westin pointed to the rise of alternative news sources, such as the internet and 24-hour news channels, which have challenged networks to meet constant deadlines and provide continuing coverage.

It’s nice to see the MSM start to do a little self-reflection.

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