Interesting development

Some Dems in NJ are pressuring Gov. McGreevey to step down before November 15th:

High-level New Jersey Democrats said Sunday that pressure is building among members of Gov. James E. McGreevey’s own party for him to step down before his announced Nov. 15 resignation date.

A senior administration official and a Democratic consultant, both speaking on condition of anonymity, said several top Democrats are worried an FBI investigation into the governor’s same-sex relationship with a former aide will expose more politically damaging details.

“There’s a deepening concern that it will get uglier and more damaging to the party. It’s pressure for sooner rather than later,” the consultant said.

Since McGreevey admitted having an affair with another man and announced his resignation Thursday, Republicans have called on him to step down immediately to prompt a special election to complete his term, which expires in January 2006.

What makes this interesting is that, of course, it’s not just Republicans who are asking him to go ahead and leave office. If you remember, the reason he elected to serve until November 15th was so the Dems could hold on the the NJ governorship til at least 2006. According to this piece:

By remaining in office until Nov. 15, McGreevey assures that a Democrat will remain as governor until the next year’s election.

As long as he stays until Sept. 3, the deadline for a special election to replace him will expire. Senate President Richard J. Codey – the state’s second highest ranking Democrat – is set to takeover and become acting governor until the end of McGreevey’s term in January 2006.

Under the state Constitution, McGreevey could only be removed from office through impeachment, a scenario that remains unlikely because it requires a two-thirds vote in the Assembly and trial in the Senate. Democrats control both houses of the Legislature.

But now members of his own party are calling for him to go ahead and step down. But before Sept. 3rd, when the deadline to call a special election expires?

Stay tuned …

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