Separated at birth?

Earlier in the evening I predicted to my friend Lisa that the Panthers were going to beat the Packers tonight. Well, I took back the hex out of kindness and as a result, the Panthers lost πŸ˜•

In any event, you’ll note in that earlier post that I linked up to a photo of the Wicked Witch sent to me personally by the WW herself. Lo and behold, a few hours later though, after I’d taken back the hex I’d ordered the WW to put on Brett Favre, we get this photo from Truth Laid Bear. What the hell? It seems the WW decided to take it upon herself to cast a hex on the Democratic candidate for president after I decided against hexing the GB Packers QB – good nickname for ‘im might be the Incredible Sulk, eh? :mrgreen:

Ah well …. as I said earlier, I *did* teach her everything she knows …

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