Young Bush backer gets new sign

An update to this story:

Young Bush backer gets new sign

A 3-year-old girl who had a Bush-Cheney campaign sign yanked from her hands and ripped into pieces last week during a Democratic rally got a brand new sign Wednesday, courtesy of the president.

Sophia Parlock opened a package from the White House at her Barboursville home to find a signed campaign poster, along with an autographed picture of President Bush and his dog, Barney.

Included in the package was a note from Bush thanking Sophia for supporting his campaign.

“I understand someone tore up your sign. So I am sending you a new sign and signed picture. Please give my best to your family. Sincerely, George W. Bush,” the note read.

“This is not going to any rally, friend or foe,” Phil Parlock, Sophia’s father, said after helping his daughter open the package. The incident that sparked national media attention occurred Sept. 16 at Tri-State Airport during Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards’ campaign stop.



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