The morning after

Just a quick note to start the a.m. Have you noticed how the liberally biased sites, like CNN – their Internet polls show a Kerry win, while the Fox site’s Internet poll will surely show a Bush win?

I loathe Internet polling sometimes! As I said in my prior post, and I think the consensus agrees, is that this was a draw. No blood was shed. I guess we’ll know more in the days ahead when the real polling begins.

La Shawn Barber gives her perspective this morning on the debates last night as someone who listened to them rather than watched (good idea – I may do that with the next debate). Her view? Bush 1, Kerry 0.

The Astute Blogger notes a Kerry flub re: his mention of Treblinka Square.

Real Clear Politics has a round up of punidtry commentary on last night’s debate.

A big welcome to Nykola readers ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Nykola for naming this site one of your blogs of the day.

Evening update: Always- worth- a- read Michelle Malkin weighs in with her post- debate thoughts.

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