Who won?

My obviously biased view: the prez. He looked the most at ease tonight, aggressive enough – not overly so. Nailed him on the 1991 Iraq war vote.


Negative points to Kerry for bringing in Mary Cheney into the debate. That is a shameless tactic that both he and his running mate should be ashamed of. We can discuss gay marriage without Kerry bringing in a family member of his opponent in the mix in order to score a cheap political point.

I’m so glad the debates are over. Now, it’s a race to the finish.

BTW, here’s a transcript of the debate.

Around the blogosphere: Michelle Malkin shares the same viewpoint on Kerry’s bringing up Mary Cheney.

Julian Sanchez agrees (wink: Instapundit)

Just One Minute says that Bush wins.

INDC Journal has a good blogger round up of verdicts.

BONUS: Lynne Cheney weighs in on the mentioning of her daughter.

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