Goodbye to a friend

I need to step away from the political talk this evening to remember a friend.

Her name: Barbara.

Barbara and I worked together several years ago at a records management company. She was my boss and called me her “most trusted assistant.” I was at that particular company for a couple of years and over that time I became friends with Barbara. When I left the company, I promised to come back and visit the office occassionally to see her, and a few others I’d become close with, and did just that.

Over time though, as oftentimes happens, Barbara and I lost touch with each other. In the last year, we rekindled the friendship when I saw her at a visitation for a co-worker (former co-worker for me, but he still worked with her) friend of ours who had died of heart problems at the age of 41. Barbara herself had a multitude of health problems but that didn’t stop her from living her life. When I saw her at the visitation, we caught up on old times while remembering our friend who was no longer with us.

I again saw Barbara a few weeks ago at a bridal shower for a mutal friend. Again, we caught up on the latest happenings, and she informed me of some troubles she was having in her personal life in addition to her health probems. She seemed a little tired and somewhat withdrawn, but still possessed the spirit of one who wouldn’t quit even though the deck seems stacked against her. was very excited to be making the bride’s throwaway bouquet (the one for the reception). I left the bridal shower and we both promised to stay in touch.

I got a phone call this evening from a friend – the bride for whom the bridal shower was held. She asked me if I was sitting down. My first thought was that somehow her wedding had been called off.

She called to tell me that Barbara had been found dead this (Wednesdsay) morning. The official report states that she likely died from a fall in which she broke her neck.

Barbara was 44 years old.


She still had so much life to give. It was one thing to lose one friend in his early 40’s early this year but several months later, to lose another in her early 40’s?

Hearing about this today slams home the point that we should never take anything in our lives for granted. Not our family, not our friends, not anything because you never know when the last time is going to be when you see someone. “Love ya!” is the last thing me and my relatives say to other before parting, whether it be in person, or on the phone, or email. One thing my mother has always said to me is to not go to bed angry at the people you love and care about. I think that’s sound advice.

To Barb, I say rest in peace, you sweet and kind lady – our loss is heaven’s gain.

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