Volunteering at the local RNC HQ today

In a couple of hours, I’ll be headed over to the local HQ of the RNC to pick up some signs for my neighborhood. I’m also going to see if they need any help putting out signs in specific areas of the city. If they do, that’s what I’ll be spending my time doing Sunday afternoon.

I worked in 1992 to help get Bill Clinton elected, when I was a devoted member of the Democratic party. I didn’t do as much as I should have in 2000 to help get then Gov. Bush elected. I’m going to make up for that in the next 10 days.

Should any of you have an extra few hours on your hands in the next few days, why not take the time to stop by your local RNC HQ and do the same? I know free time is something hardly any of us has anymore, but this election is very important, and those of us who can need to make the time to help the President get re-elected. A few hours in the last days leading up to the election isn’t too much to ask. The President needs us now more than ever.

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