My visit to the local RNC HQ

Saturday afternoon I visited the local headquarters of the Republican party. I wanted to pick up some Bush/Cheney signs for my neighborhood as well as volunteer to put out signs elsewhere.

When I drove up to the HQ, it was in a building with multiple floors and offices for various businesses. It wasn’t difficult to figure out which floor contained the RNC HQ. It had all the Bush/Cheney/local Republicans for office signs all over the windows :)

Next to it was some sort of office that was attempting to combat those signs with Kerry/Edwards signs posted in their windows along with a sign that read “Bush=4 More Wars?” I thought to myself “can this be another DNC office set up in Charlotte?” I knew where the main DNC HQ was and had figured that was the only one. I got on the elevator and went to the floor where the HQ for the RNC was located, walked down the hall and at the very end of the hall I saw more K/E signs in the inside windows of this particular office. Come to find out, it wasn’t another official office for K/E but a lawyer’s office. The RNC HQ was just one door ahead of it.

I went in and got my signs – they were more than happy to let me post a few more signs out in the Charlotte area where I thought they were needed. While I was there, I bumped into a woman who had visited that office three times to get signs. Each time she had to visit was due to the fact that the signs she put up in her yard and the empty lot beside her had been stolen both times she’d put them out. The woman in charge at the RNC HQ told me she’d heard many similar stories in the last few weeks. She suggested both to me, and the lady who’d come in for the third visit, to take up our yard signs at night because that was the times she’d most often heard about signs being stolen.

I’ll be out later this afternoon putting up signs. Going to get more from the RNC HQ in Concord, NC (the city I work in) to put out later this week. Just a suggestion but any of you who have had problems with having your signs stolen might want to consider pulling them up at night just in case.

Oh, one thing the RNC office here had was a list of the judges to vote for – when one votes straight party ticket here, the judges aren’t included in on that. Dunno how it is in your area, but here the political leanings of judges aren’t known to the average voter. I encourage you to visit the local office for the RNC in your area or if they have a website, visit that to get info on the judges that will be on your ballot.

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