Journalistic integrity: out the window?

Ann Althouse, guest blogger at Instapundit, blogs on the apparent complicity between, ahem, certain news agencies regarding the explosive (pun not intended) story about the missing weapons:

I’VE NEVER READ A CODE OF JOURNALISTIC ETHICS, but it seems to me that this much is clear: it is absolutely intolerable for a news organization to hold onto a story for the purpose of breaking it so close to an election as to prevent a fair investigation and response. This story in the L.A. Times indicates that both the New York times and CBS News/”60 Minutes” learned of the missing explosives story last Wednesday, and each competed against the other to break the story first. This competition is a safeguard that might work better than ethics to prevent us from outrageous withholding of stories for the purpose of helping a favored candidate. I hope the L.A. Times story is correct.

Please read the whole thing.

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