How are the crowds where you are?

I voted this morning shortly after 6:30, when the polls opened here. I was in line a little after 5:30 and was the 6th person. Glad I got there when I did because people started arriving about 15 mins afterwards. By the time I got in to vote, I’m estimating about 200 people were behind me. Went home and watched the news for a bit and they had live video of polling places around Charlotte which and there were some nice sized lines just about everywhere.

No problems at my polling place, but I heard on the radio of a place in a nearby county where the voting machines went down. Another reported a loss of power ❗

When ya’ll get a chance, please check back in and let me know how things are where you are. Good luck today everyone, and even if you have to wait three hours to vote, please vote! And don’t let anything the media says cause you to turn around and leave that building!!

Edit to add: SHEESH! I had not changed the time on my blog so the posts I’ve made since Sunday are marked with the pre Sunday time LOL. So any comments or posts you see before this one which were posted after Sunday are an hour off ;) (Blonde moment!)

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