Terrorism is a necessary evil?

To this woman it is, apparently:

A lawyer accused of conspiring to help terrorists testified at her trial that she believes only violence and a “popular revolution” can combat the evils of capitalism in the United States.

Under questioning in federal court, Lynne Stewart said violence was necessary to reverse an “entrenched ferocious type of capitalism” that breeds sexism and racism. She said civilians must not be targeted, but left unclear what kind of violence she meant.

“I’m talking about a popular revolution,” Stewart said. “I’m talking about institutions being changed and that will not be changed without violence.”

Stewart, 65, has been charged with providing material support to terrorists by letting her client, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, deliver messages to followers after his 1995 conviction for plotting to blow up New York City landmarks.

Sheesh. What gets into certain people sometimes?

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