Would you pay $10mil for this?

Victoria’s Secret ‘s Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra

Victoria’s Secret is also known for its annual holiday temptation. The lingerie emporium is counting on the fact that women dig diamonds — and men of all incomes like lingerie — to move the $10 million Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra.

“The bra is the ultimate fantasy for a woman because of the sheer diamond weight,” said Victoria’s Secret spokeswoman Sarah Tervo.

This year, sexy supermodel Tyra Banks sports the Heavenly 70 Fantasy in ads — the “70” referring to the brassiere’s 70-carat, pear-shaped centerpiece diamond, set in 18-carat white gold and surrounded by nearly 3,000 other diamonds.

But so far, as with the other million-dollar bras the store has tried to sell over the years, no one has made this fantasy a reality.

“We haven’t sold it yet,” Tervo said. “We’ve gotten a ton of inquiries, but it hasn’t come to fruition.”

Maybe George Soros would buy it if he knew he could get the President thrown out of office. 😆

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