Brit Hume’s “Grapevine” – a must read

If you don’t already watch it on his show every evening on FOX or read it on the Fox website, you should. He’s followed up on two stories the media has shined the light on in the last few days with some follow ups the major media (outside of Fox) have failed to report (surprise!):

Premise Problem?

It now appears that the premise of the question that caused an uproar around Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was off base. In Kuwait two weeks ago, Army Specialist Thomas Wilson told Rumsfeld, “our vehicles are not armored … We do not have proper armament vehicles to carry with us north [into Iraq].”

But, according to senior Army officers, about 800 of the 830 vehicles in Wilson’s army regiment — the 278th Cavalry — had already been up-armored when he asked the question. What’s more, 20 vehicles remaining to be modified were in the process of being up-armored — and that was completed within 24 hours of Wilson’s question.

Report Regarding Rumsfeld

ABC did a report this week on military families upset that Rumsfeld used a machine to sign condolence letters. It quoted two people who lost family members in Iraq, Ivan Medina and Sue Niederer. But what ABC did not mention is that both Medina and Niederer are long-time critics of the Bush administration.

Seven months ago Medina participated in an anti-Rumsfeld protest outside West Point, calling him a “liar and a war criminal.” And just three months ago, Niederer interrupted a Bush campaign event in New Jersey, yelling and sporting a shirt that read: “President Bush You Killed My Son.” She was arrested.

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