Congressional Dems to object to election results


When the joint session of Congress meets Thursday to certify the Electoral College votes that gave President Bush his second term, several Democratic House members are expected to contest the results.

They may also find support from Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., whose participation under congressional rules would then require senators and representatives to recess to their respective chambers to debate certification.

The action would be the first of its kind in 36 years, but most likely won’t add up to more than a procedural delay of the inevitable.

Who’ll be involved in this objection?

However, as was also the case in 2001, when more than two dozen Democrats objected to the certification of Florida’s disputed election, a new objection is expected this time. At least three House Democrats, Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois, John Conyers of Michigan and Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio, and possibly several others, are expected to object to the certification of Ohio’s 20 electoral college votes for Bush alleging voting irregularities in the decisive swing state.

Here’s the US Newswire release on this as well for those who don’t like FoxNews.

I may have to watch CSpan to catch this. Some Dems seem to want to turn an over 100K victory in Ohio into the 500+ voting dispute nightmare from Florida back in 2000.

Bring it on.

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