Sister Toldjah hits the 10,000 mark

THANK YOU to all of you who have visited this blog and made it fun and interesting these last few months!

I’ve been blogging since October 2003, but didn’t really know how to network around the blogosphere, didn’t realize I should have gotten a Sitemeter counter, or anything. My posts weren’t frequent on the blog until I decided to get a domain name and make a fresh start in the summer of 2004. Here is what the blog looked like before – as you can see, different name and different look. I had forgotten that I had the blogroll link up there and it is still updating everytime I add a link to the blogroll here ;)

10,006. Not bad for someone who didn’t get an account with Sitemeter until August of 2004! Looking fwd to seeing what 2005 holds here at ST :) Thanks again to everyone who has visited here, the commenters, the repeat visitors … you all make it worthwhile.

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