Voter Turnout for 2004 Highest Since 1968

The thing I heard most often on election day 2004 was that “high voter turnout” meant that voters wanted change.

Apparently, that wasn’t accurate:

Deep divisions over the war in Iraq and intense voter registration drives pushed the 2004 presidential election turnout to 60.7 percent, the highest level since 1968, the Center for the Study of the American Electorate said Friday.

In 1968, when Republican Richard Nixon beat Democrat Hubert Humphrey, 61.9 percent of those eligible cast ballots. Turnout stayed below 60 percent during the eight presidential elections in between.

Turnout last year rose by 6.4 percentage points over 2000, the biggest election-to-election increase since 1952. That year, voter turnout rose 10.1 percentage points over 1948, the nonpartisan group said.

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