“Stay on your back where you belong”

(I posted this at my personal blog today but also wanted to re-post here for those who don’t visit coZmic blonde. I know it’s not political but things here don’t always have to be political ;))

Women: What would your initial thoughts be if you received something like this in your email:

You’ve got to actually HAVE some character for it to be assinated. You stand for absolutely nothing, so stay on your back where you belong. Don’t try and call me out on the board and I won’t ever email you again. I’d say “nice knowing you” but that imply that you had some sort of personality, so I’ll stick with “goodbye.”

Men: I received the above in my email today – the person who emailed it actually attempted to backtrack later and say he didn’t meant to “insult my gender” even though he did admit that his intent was to insult me. Have you ever heard of an instance of this being said where it wasn’t intended as a derogatory sexual slur?

Can you believe this guy? Does he think I was born last night or something? I assure you all I did nothing to provoke this outburst.

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