More thoughts on Miers


I haven’t seen this much hyperventilating in the conservative blogosphere about an issue in a long time.   I think it’s good that conservatives are voicing their differences about it – it obviously shows that we’re not just obedient little slaves to the President (WE knew that already, of course) and there are some great arguments for and against the nomination – but some of it is just so over the top you’d think the President had either just nominated Bill Clinton for USSC Justice or the mother of all conservatives.   Time to take a deep breath. 

One thing I really don’t like about this is that I really don’t have a position on it.  I’m not on the totally supportive side and I’m not on the totally against side – and I’m not in the middle, either.  I’m just sort of ‘floating.’  I’m usually more decisive so this is an alien position to me :???: I hate that.

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