My homebuying experience: miserable


What I had hoped would be an exciting experience in homebuying turned very sour for me in the month of September. The builders and I had some disagreements that could not be ironed out, the biggest among them some deception on the part of the original seller who is no longer with the company in terms of verbal promises made to me. I learned the hard way to always always always get a seller/builder’s promises in *writing* or it’s pretty much worthless. That is a mistake I won’t make the second time around.

What was miserable for me was going from the sheer excitement of knowing I was going to have a brand new place of my own, which meant I got to choose the carpet colors, cabinet style, tiles, etc in addition to having a place built on a beautiful lot – to having to make the decision to back out of the deal because of things that had happened along the way. There was a disagreement on the completion date and because of the price of the townhome – which was more than I wanted to pay to begin with – the closer to a spring completion the better because financially that would have worked out better for me. Had it been more modestly priced, *now* would have been fine as far as moving in on an existing unit but this neighborhood is upscale and brand new and you just don’t find brand new neighborhoods under a certain price range. The estimated date of completion kept being changed – moved up, it went from Jan/Feb, to Dec/Jan and then possibly Nov/Dec. That was just one of many things.

Sooo, now I’m talking to a realtor who is on the hunt for a townhome in a similar neighborhood that is much more reasonably priced …. there are older developments in Charlotte built by the same builder of the townhome development I just backed out of moving into, and there are some really nice ones that have units being sold in these established neighborhoods. The area I live in now is the area I want to stay in and it’s a transient area to a certain extent in that you’ve got single folks and families who move in and out of the area on job transfers and things like that and in some cases, are really willing to give a potential homebuyer a really good deal in order to sell that home. The builder (obviously) is completely out of the picture in the established neighborhoods so it’s just between the homeowner and potential homebuyer. I feel like I have more options now than in buying a new townhome and hope to find a really motivated seller.

I’ve heard the stories about how stressed people get when going through the process of buying a home, but at the same time they are stressing they get some enjoyment out of it as well – I really got no enjoyment out of the deal I entered into this past month and while it was disappointing to have to go through, I feel in many ways relieved to be out of it.

Things will work out.

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