Blogger/soldier in Iraq faces blog probe

Via Blackfive:

Basically, Specialist Leonard A. Clark is in Iraq as part of a Arizona National Guard MP Company. He’s run for office a few times before and is going to run for Senate when he returns to Arizona. However, there are regulations that stipulate that military members must notify the DOD before announcing candidacy for office.

Also, there’s the fact that Specialist Clark has been posting criticisms of the War on Terror, and the Kos-sacks have been eating it up. The reason(s) behind the investigation, whether it’s because he’s violated rules with regards to seeking public office or because he was critical of the War on Terror or critical of his commanders or if he disclosed Operational Security (OPSEC) Information, is the question. (It should be known that he really just left audio files and a lefty blogger encouraged him to start a blog – it appears the lefty blogger wrote the blog based on Clark’s emails and voice mails).

A search for Clark’s blog yielded a blank blog.

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