John Roberts nomination: reactions

(note: title of this blog entry has been changed from “media reactions” to just “reactions” – after posting the initial title, I decided I wanted to include more than just the media’s reactions to this)

From around mediasphere and blogosphere:

MSNBC is reporting a “battle underway.”

The NYTimes editorial board says it would be “irresponsible” to take a position on Judge Roberts before his background is reviewed, yet they nevertheless seem to take one here.

Manuel Miranda says in a WSJ opinion piece that this is a “sigh of relief” for conservatives.

The Washington Post publishes a list of accomplishments and “contradictions” (their wording) for Judge Roberts, along with a dossier. An “analysis” by two WaPo reporters suggests that this court is on the move to the right (which, of course, is a bad thing, eh?). The WaPo is also rounding up comments from the morning news shows from various Senators and other political figures/groups of importance here (scroll down for a good roundup).

National Review’s editorial board gives Roberts a thumbs up. is flipping out (via NRO’s The Corner):

In nominating John Roberts, the president has chosen a right wing corporate lawyer and ideologue for the nation’s highest court instead of a judge who would protect the rights of the American people. Working for mining companies, Roberts opposed clean air rules and worked to help coal companies strip-mine mountaintops. He worked with Ken Starr (yes, that Ken Starr), and tried to keep Congress from defending the Voting Rights Act. He wrote that Roe v. Wade should be “overruled,” and as a lawyer argued (and won) the case that stopped some doctors from even discussing abortion. That’s why we believe: THE SENATE MUST NOT CONFIRM RIGHT-WING CORPORATE LAWYER JOHN ROBERTS TO THE SUPREME COURT.

John Podhoretz in the NY Post calls Roberts a “boring choice” but “interesting pick.”

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker discusses what he feels will be the Schumer v. Roberts battle.

Media Research has another roundup of media reactions here.

CNN reports on how Roberts’ nomination has “mobilized” advocacy groups.

Associated Press: Bush Supreme Court Choice Is Conservative (GASP!)

Hat tip for a couple of these links goes to Michelle Malkin, who has more links.

More: Justice O’Connor’s reaction: Roberts “good in every way, except he’s not a woman” (wink: Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy)

Joe Gandelman has a mega-list of blogger/media/political figures/advocacy group reactions.

John Hawkins has a list of lefty blogger reactions here.

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