Dennis Kucinich: Stuck in a space jam

The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy takes a look at the the proposed amendment to the Foreign Affairs Appropriations Bill for 2006/7 from former Democratic candidate for president and current House Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OutThere) where he calls for a ban on space-based weapons. MLWL found this side-splitter in the Congressional Record:

“This country should not make of the planet Earth a death star. We need to support international cooperation for the peaceful use of technology in space.”

Spock and Dennis Randy Townley at MLWL’s response: “Kucinich isn’t worried about space, he’s LOST IN SPACE! May the force be with you always.”

Hehehehe ;)

Come to think of it, Kucinich DOES bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Spock. Separated at birth, perhaps? Hmmm ….

(Linking up with OTB’s Beltway Traffic Jam)

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