Chris Matthews: We were once ‘insurgents’ too!

Jeff Goldstein notes an interesting exchange from last night’s Hardball with Chris Matthews:

From last evening’s “Hardball w/ Chris Matthews” comes this bizarre bit: Shortly after New York Times columnist Bob Herbert condemned the US for forcing democracy on Iraqis “at the point of a gun,” Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen had this to say: “There’s another word for ‘insurgents’ in Iraq, and that’s ‘residents.’” Not to be outdone, Matthews himself (channeling Brian Williams) then added: “‘Insurgents’ are what the British called us in the Revolutionary War. It’s true”—an observation which, if I didn’t know better, might lead me to conclude Chris was trying to draw some sort of parallel or something.

I think now would be a good time to email Chris Matthews and let him know what you think about him morally equating those who fought in the Revolutionary War to terrorist thugs in Iraq who get a kick out of killing our men and women in uniform and peaceful Iraqis who just want to get on with their lives. He’s starting to sound like ‘Professor’ M. Shahid Alam, who compared what the 9-11 hijackers did to Revolutionary War soldiers.

Wink: John Cole.

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Lunchtime update:
Michelle Malkin references back in time to the Williams comments Goldstein mentioned in in his post.
Midafternoon update:
Ian at the Political Teen has the video.