Our Gitmo policy is right: Part 2

Wrote verrrry early this morning about Jimmy Carter’s on-foreign-soil comments about how our Gitmo policy was "disgraceful."  He also took the opportunity to describe the Iraq war as "unnecessary and unjust." 

Jeff Goldstein had bang-on post today that took Carter to task for his statements:

So, for my part, I’m going to continue saying so—in the most direct terms possible—until self-loathing terror apologists like Jimmy Carter are shamed into deferring their own self-righteous ego masturbations for the sake of waging war against those who truly do wish to destroy us.

Read the whole thing – and make sure to check out the comments section there for a spirited debate about this.  139 and counting!  Protein Wisdom continues to hold a place in my top 5 daily must read blogs.

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