The exploitation of Cindy Sheehan

Was just about to compose my response to the obvous exploitation of this grieving mother, who lost her son in Iraq but I read Jeff Goldstein’s response to the matter and I couldn’t have said it any better myself:

Listen → I feel for this woman, I honestly do.  But somebody close to her needs to take her aside and convince her that it’s time to grieve in private and to honor her son’s memory.  Instead, this poor grieving woman is taking solace—solace I believe she’ll later come to regret—from the worst type of hyperpartisan frauds, professional Bush-bashers and wannabe-Vietnam-era protestors whose hatred for the President and his foreign policy runs so deep that they’re willing to adopt Ms. Sheehan like some sort of morbid mascot of convenience and exploit her pain—and her son’s death—in the most cynical and public way imaginable.

The whole business makes me sick.


Read more reaction from bloggers, etc,  at Michelle Malkin’s.

Afternoon update: Here are John Hawkins comments about this – check his comment section, too.  Lots of activity there.

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