Follow up on NARAL ad airing

Earlier this week, I posted about a disgusting NARAL ad that the Washington Post had reported would be aired by both CNN and FOX. 

Today, Captain Ed follows up – noting a correction about the alleged intent of Fox News to air the ad that has been put at the top of the article:

Correction to This Article
Because of incorrect information from NARAL Pro-Choice America, an Aug. 9 article incorrectly said that a new television ad attacking Judge John G. Roberts Jr. would air on the Fox News Channel.

So not only did NARAL lie in the ad about Roberts’ "supporting abortion clinic bombers" they also lied about the ad appearing on Fox News.  I’m glad to know Fox isn’t airing it, although as commenter "ArizonaTeach" noted here in the comments section a good point about the fact that almost all political ads that run are either misleading and/or lies so its about par for the course and if we frowned upon every network that ran misleading/lying political ads we’d have to frown on all of ’em ;).  I hope the RNC does run ads disputing this just to show the depths that groups like NARAL sink to in order to 1) raise money for their cause and 2) attempt in whatever way they can to smear anyone who they don’t believe falls in line with their very narrow worldview.

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