When you care enough to …

…. cheat on your spouse. Just when you thought you’d seen everything – Cheating spouse greeting cards:

It is a sentiment guaranteed to melt the coldest heart:

“Just when I thought I would never find my true love β€” you came along …”

It is a greeting card, decorated with a depiction of purple flowers. Inside:

“My soul has been searching for you since I came into this world.

“All my life I have had this emptiness inside, like a part of me was missing and I was incomplete …

“And now I can’t imagine my life without you … Even if I have to share you.”

Even if I have to share you?

This, clearly, is not a card for the wife β€” not the sender’s wife, at least.

Pssst: I love you. Don’t tell anyone
In fact, it is specifically for anyone but the wife. Called “My Lover” the card is one of 24 in the Secret Lover Collection, published by a former advertising executive in Bethesda, Md., named Cathy Gallagher. If you are having an extramarital affair, Secret Lover cards can make it an affair to remember


Late afternoon update: Oh, and here’s a site called Philanderers.com. Guess what IT does:

Discreet Extramarital Personal Ads
exclusively for discriminating men
and women seeking an Extramarital Affair

Double ugh.

Hat tip: Betsy Newmark, guestblogging for Michelle Malkin.

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