Comments Part 2

As noted a couple of days ago, I disabled my Spam Karma 2 as there were still some posts getting through that SK2 wasn’t blocking but should have been and in addition to that, I had a couple of other issues with SK2.  So I started using Word Press’ blacklist and moderation features which seems to be working well.

However, I’ve just now taken off the blacklist word list every blacklist word and put it on the moderation list instead … I fear some legit comments were eaten by the extra sensitive blacklist word list.  Posts submitted with those words (or similar sounding words) are deleted without notification to me (that’s a WordPress thing, not mine). 

Soooo, having said that, I sincerely apologize if anyone has submitted a legit post that has not gotten through here.  I’m still working through understanding how spam lists work, and the whole purpose of it is to keep the blog free from spam crap, banned commenters, and trolls, not legit commenters.  So from here on out, there are no blacklist words that will send any post straight to the delete bin.  Since all comments are on moderation anyway, I can just delete the spam and troll messages stuck in moderation and approve legit messages.   Again, please accept my sincerest apologies if any of you have submitted a post that is legit that never made it onto the board.  The problem most likely was with that blacklist, which has now been corrected. 

If you have submitted a comment to me that you think might have gotten auto-deleted by mistake because of the sensitive nature of the blacklist word list, please submit it again as things should be ok now …. feel free to email me or post comments here in this comments section if questions.

Please don’t get frustrated with me … I’m still learning the spam filter ropes.  Patience is a virtue, ya know ;)

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