Media hypocrisy watch

Seth at Say Anything notes the media’s hypocrisy (yes, I know using the word "media" and "hypocrisy" in the same sentence is a bit redundant but anyway …) regarding their round-the-clock coverage of Pat Robertson’s advocation for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s assassination (Pat has apologized, BTW) versus their scant coverage of Clinton senior advisor George Stephanopoulos, who wrote a piece for Newsweek back in 1997 that had the headline: Why We Should Kill Saddam.

Anyone else remember hearing/reading about this back in 1997? I don’t.  If it did get any coverage, it was a mere blip on the radar screen next to the coverage Pat’s gotten the last couple of days.  While I condemned Pat’s remarks, I also condemn (once again) the media’s obvious double standards.

Hat tip to Rob Port of the Say Anything blog, who cross-posted this at Wizbang, where he is guest blogging.

Linking up with OTB’s Traffic Jam and the Mudville Gazette’s open post.

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