Sheehan has two more “supporters”

Picture courtesy of Politics of Truth websiteAl SharptonRev. Al Sharpton and Joseph Wilson.

‘Nuff said on the "support" front.

In related news, Ms. Sheehan is planning a bus tour, spanning three weeks, with the ‘finale’ being in Washington, DC on September 24.

I hope there is a massive counter-Sheehan demonstration planned for DC that day.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the Move American Forward "You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy!" tour page.   If you happen to attend one of their counter demonstrations, please make sure to recap it here for us or shoot me an email!

More:  Cindy’s latest at the Huffington Post (which has become almost a fan club center for Ms. Sheehan).  One commenter in that thread was the voice of sanity:

As a former member of the Air Force (seperated in June), I am of the opinion that you are accomplishing exactly the opposite of what you apparently set out to do. The fact that you had to be reminded that you started out doing this for your son (which I don’t doubt was your original motivation, as misguided as it might have been) shows to me that you’ve lost sight of what it is you really want. You are helping to demoralize our men and women in the armed services when you cry that their friends, brothers, and sisters have died for nothing. You shame them when you call them pawns in a game for greed and profit. These were, are, Casey’s brothers and sisters, and you’re not doing them any good.

If you want to protest the war, if you want to call Bush names and curse on television, go ahead. But stop claiming that you’re doing it for the "children" overseas, and admit that you’re doing it to assuage your own guilt and despair. Most of them believe in what they’re doing, all of them volunteered to do it, and the best way to save them now is to let them win so that twenty years from now a new generation doesn’t have to fight a new Iraqi dictator born out of America leaving a job unfinished.

Posted by: Airman on August 25, 2005 at 08:09AM  


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