From around the blogosphere …

Here are some noteworthy posts from around the blogosphere for your reading enjoyment this evening:

  • Michael Yon’s latest post (which includes pictures) is up.  If you don’t read anything else tonight, please read that one.
  • Joe Gandelman discusses Pat Boone’s criticism of both Cindy Sheehan’s campaign and her "supporters."
  • Rob Port is on the case of regarding the three thugs who brutally assaulted two Iraq war veterans.  Hopefully Rob’s tips to the Seattle PD will help them crack this case (make sure to scroll down that post for  updates).
  • Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney’s latest post on the Air America scandal is now posted.  Investigative blogging at its finest.
  • Jeff Goldstein continues his brief conversations with the ghost of John Merrick.
  • Gateway Pundit has a great post about the town of Festus, Missouri.  The folks in Festus saw fit to give a heroes welcome to a returning wounded veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Those folks know how to do it right!  (Hat tip: Beth at She Who Will Be Obeyed!

Time for my tired self to hit the pillow :) G’nite, all!

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