It’s all about “image”

… to some people, mainly the media. In typical fashion, this AP article implies that the President’s cutting short his vacation in order to return to Washington to monitor the Hurricane Katrina efforts is all about image:

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush, who crafted a take-charge image from the Sept. 11 attacks, faces a stiff challenge in responding to Hurricane Katrina.

Cutting short his vacation and marshaling the power of the federal government could help reverse his sliding job approval rating. But the president’s hands-on approach looks a bit too political for some, and makes him an easy target should Katrina’s victims start looking for somebody to blame during the long, costly road to recovery.

In purely political terms, the question is whether Bush can live up to the tough, can-do image he cultivated after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Or whether he falls short of expectations and pays a political price, as his father did after Hurricane Andrew slammed Florida in 1992.

See? His "tough, can-do image" was "cultivated" after the 9-11 attacks. In other words, he either wasn’t a "tough can-doer" prior to the attacks or not much of one. Don’t you feel so much better now knowing that?

Yet another fine example of our ‘impartial’ MSM hard at work, "cultivating" their own image, with a wee bit of, ahem, natural fertilizer, if you catch my meaning.

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