Military response to Hurricane Katrina

Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette has a roundup of links

There are going to be some long and difficult days ahead, but as always the US military is up to the challenge.  Our men and women in the armed forces are second to none when it comes to doing what’s necessary to help and protect us both abroad, and right here at home. 

On the blogging homefront, La Shawn Barber has a list of links on blogger commentary and offers some donation suggestions as well.  And requests the most important thing of all: prayers for the victims.

Thursday, bloggers from across the world will unite in a day of blogging  – focused on bringing attention to the problems they are facing and will continue to face for months in the Gulf Coast area – and asking readers to give  the charity of that respective blogger’s choosing.  I will be participating in this and requesting donations be given to the American Red Cross (1-800-HELP-NOW). I will be putting up a permanent link to the American Red Cross on this blog later today.

Those who would like to donate to another charity instead of the Red Cross should visit here and scroll down past the list of bloggers participating as there is a list of charities there including links.  There are plenty of them.  Our fellow citizens need our help in their hour of need and not just with donations but prayers as well.  Some cities have been completely devastated.  This is a national tragedy that deserves a national response from all of us.

Update: Fellow blogger Paul at Wizbang is out of work and no longer has a home due to the devastation from Katrina.  Click here to find out how you can help him.  Hat tip to Michelle Malkin, who has the latest news and information on how to help the victims.

Late evening update: Jim at bRight and Early has created a Red Cross banner you can display at your site.  He’s got the CSS coding all written out for anyone interested.

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