Josh Levin: Mourning My New Orleans

Read this.  And then imagine the city he is talking about is the one you live in.  Or grew up in.

More: Stephen Green reposts an email Will Collier posted earlier at Vodkpundit that came from a friend of Will’s who knows someone in the New Orleans area.  Here’s some of it:

Talked to a friend of mine who is down there in the middle of it.

Body count will be high.

So far the masses are doing well, but it is starting to come undone. Low deliveries of water, food, etc. Water quality will diminish rapidly as the particle count of human waste, chemicals, etc. mounts. There is no water flow. The city is a bathtub. You do the math.

Fed is dropping the ball on basic necessities such as water, portolets, you name it. Woefully unprepared and nobody seems to be in charge or have the gumption to get it done.

Louisiana politicians should be absolutely raising hell right now. Lots of people including yours truly have volunteered to bring (including food, generators, food, etc., to be self sufficient for a week or so) the most important thing which is a boat but have been told NO under no uncertain terms. "My" town is under water, people are in critical condition, and I have skill sets and assets – including a boat which will come out of the hole in 14 incles of water – and we are being denied the opportunity to help. And quite frankly, that REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

Please read the whole thing.

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