Fake Gilligan and the real Gilligan

The real Gilligan, Bob Denver, passed away today due to complications from cancer treatment he was receiving.  He was 70.  Rest in peace, sir, and thank you for bringing laughter into homes across the world for decades.

The fake Gilligan, aka Sean Penn, couldn’t even remember to plug a hole in the boat he was using in an attempt to save Katrina victims.   AHN reports:

New Orleans, Louisiana (AHN) – Political Activist and Actor Sean Penn made his way down to the city of New Orleans with a personal photographer and an entourage in an attempt to help victims stranded by floods caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Penn had planned to rescue children and adults in the flood waters, but apparently forgot to plug a hole in the bottom of the vessel, which began taking water within seconds of its launch.

Penn who is known for his political activism, was seen wearing what appeared to be a white flak jacket and frantically bailing water out of the sinking vessel with a red plastic cup that eventually was not enough for the Academy Award winner.

When asked what he had hoped to achieve in the waterlogged city, the actor tells the Herald Sun: "Whatever I can do to help."

The paper reports that one bystander taunted the actor saying, "How are you going to get any people in that thing?"

Good question.

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