“The Flight That Fought Back”

Arthur Chrenkoff has posted a review of the Discovery Channel’s Flight 93 documentary "The Flight That Fought Back" that really, really makes me want to watch it. He writes:

The film, part re-enactment, part interview with family members, fleshes out the stories of those ordinary men and women who had found themselves in a situation that was far from ordinary, and who performed, too, in a way that was far from ordinary. Those onboard were a cross-section of America – young and old, all races and walks of life, everymen and everywomen – they were America. The sadness at so many lives interrupted and so much potential destroyed can only be mixed with the admiration for the spirit of the 33 passengers and 7 crew members, and the hope that springs from their sacrifice.

For me, the most poignant moment came with the recollection by Tom Burnett’s wife, Deena, that Tom had been reading about Gettysburg, and had remarked to her upon the courage of soldiers who knew they were going to die, yet they marched forward against the enemy. Knowing they will never see their families again, the soldiers wrote short notes to their loved ones, and pinned them to the trees.

Those onboard Flight 93 didn’t write notes; they spoke on cell phones and left messages on answering machines, but then they, too, became citizen soldiers and laid down their lives for the greater good, saving countless others. This is the reason why the Islamofascists cannot win – because ordinary people, our brothers, sisters, parents, children, friends – can and will rise up to the challenge when the circumstances call.

The documentary airs Sunday September 11 at 9PM ET on the Discovery Channel.

Arthur also points out that on September 24, 2002, Congress passed the Flight 93 Memorial Act, which established a national park to commemorate Flight 93’s heroes. But as Michelle Malkin notes this morning, the memorial design is raising some eyebrows. Click here to view it. It’s called "Crescent of the Embrace." Hmmm. Bryan Preston, for one, doesn’t like it one bit:

Not one dime for the "Crescent of Embrace." The heroes of Flight 93 deserve a memorial. That memorial should not be shaped around the most promiment symbol of their murderers.

Captain Ed:

Quite frankly, we don’t need a "Crescent of Embrace". We got enough of an embrace of the Crescent on 9/11. The maple trees and the wind chimes sound beautiful, but the crescent suggests that either the designers had no idea about the event they intended to memorialize, or that they want to turn this memorial into a multicultural scolding for America in the same way that the World Trade Center memorial designers attempted earlier.

Can you imagine the outcry from the multiculturalists and the ACLU had the design incorporated a cross or a Star of David in honor of the victims? Why should we tolerate the Crescent that, inadvertently or deliberately, honors the terrorists?

As long as that crescent remains in the design, I’m not donating a red cent to the memorial. I urge you to tell the National Parks Service and the Secretary of the Interior to rethink their plans.


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Sat. a.m. update:  This graphic demonstrates how truly awful this "memorial" actually is.  Michelle Malkin has more, including a link to an article where the "memorial" designer is quoted as saying (emphasis added):

"This is not about any religion per se," Murdoch said in a telephone interview with the Tribune-Democrat in Johnstown. "It’s a spiritual space, and a sacred place, but it’s open to anyone."

Here’s another graphic.  Ugh.

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