Live comment preview now installed

Yours truly successfully installed her first Word Press plug-in last night :) I’ve installed them before, just not with any results lol.

Anyway, when you type your comments now, make sure your page is scrolled down to the point that the comment box is ‘touching’ your browser. Then you’ll see, as you’re typing your comments in the box, a preview below the box so you can check for typos, etc. I had several people email me or post here that they wanted a comments preview feature, so here you go (ask and ye shall receive – sometimes, anyway ;)) I’m also working on finding a plugin that includes more formatting options for commenters outside of the standard bold/italics/underline. I also want to add a “blockquote” and “html” option as well.

I’ve also “officially” changed log body link colors to a deep blue color. I was manually doing it before but they weren’t showing up that way in the comments for anyone who posted links. I was having a hard time telling the difference between what I had put in bold in my posts and what were links because they were both the same bold gray color. Now it’s easier to see what is a link and what is just bolded.

I may be experimenting some with various plug-ins to add more functionality to the blog this weekend, so if you experience any viewing/access/commenting problems, please email me and let me know.

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