I have perused some lefty blogs and read some message boards today that have left me flat out disgusted.  You remember the CNN story "Firms With White House Ties Get Katrina Contracts" right? Well, the complaints I’ve been reading the past couple of days by some of the left in response to that have been something like this: "why were there no bids for this work?" and/or "this is just another example of W paying back his big campaign backers/supporters!" 

Well first of all, as Michelle Malkin pointed out yesterday, the news outlets that ran with this story left out (intentionally, of course) a few facts, among them:

The Shaw Group, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, is headed by Jim Bernhard, the current chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. Bernhard worked tirelessly for Democrat Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s runoff campaign and served as co-chair of her transition team. Another Shaw executive was Blanco’s campaign manager. Bernhard is back-scratching chums with Blanco, whom he has lent/offered the Shaw Group’s corporate jets to on numerous occasions.

But secondly as far as the complaints about "no bidding" go, EXCUSE ME?  I mean, have the usual suspects not been going off the deep end for two weeks now about the "slow response" from the feds to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?  NOW they want a "bidding war" which as we all know would slow down the clean up and relief efforts and rebuilding even *more* than they claim it was?  What gives?

This is just proof positive (as if we needed anymore) that the whining about the slow response from the usual suspects has little to do with the fact that they believe there was a slow response and more to do with the fact that they’ll seize every opportunity to slam this administration, no matter what they do.  

And before anyone says it, yes, I know some Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon but they are the exception and not the rule.  So save it.  There obviously were some issues with the federal response but the bulk of the blame for this, I maintain, goes to local and state officials who have come off as inept and clueless when it comes to protecting those they are charged with protecting in case of emergencies like this.

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