Impeach Blanco blog

Gov. Blanco’s incompetent handling of the before and after plans for Hurricane Katrina has made a lot of people angry and some are even calling for her impeachment over this.  Chuck DeWitt is one of those people.   He has a blog titled: Impeach Kathleen Blanco.  A snippet of his statement:

Governor Blanco is indecisive, more concerned with politics than duty, and has demonstrated a serious lack of judgment that clearly shows she is the wrong person to be the chief executive of Louisiana. I believe Governor Blanco should be removed from office immediately and replaced by a competent individual with the ability to take responsibility and make the decisions necessary to lead our state.

Governor Blanco, you can point the finger at whoever you want. You can shift the blame, obfuscate the truth, and deny culpability in as many press conferences as you like. Until the day you stand before the citizens of Louisiana, admit your mistakes, and accept responsibility for your poor choices, I will not rest. Your actions cost lives, and you will be held accountable.

If you’re a resident of La. and believe Blanco should be impeached, check out Chuck’s site.

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