Ahhhnold will run for re-election

Via AP:

Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for re-election next year, a top aide said Friday, an early announcement the governor hopes will jolt his sagging political momentum with the vitality that swept him into office two years ago.

Schwarzenegger “felt it was very important to let the people of California know this governor plans to be around for the long haul,” campaign spokesman Todd Harris said. “It’s not a 24-month job, it’s a five-year job and he intends to see it through to the end.”

Schwarzenegger has hinted as much for weeks, saying as recently as Wednesday that he wanted to stay and fix the “broken system” in Sacramento. Privately, advisers have urged the Republican governor to declare for months, though the election isn’t until November 2006.

The governor had been expected to make the announcement when he speaks to a rally of invited guests at a noon rally here.

Harris said Schwarzenegger would formally kick off his campaign after a special election on Nov. 8.

I don’t share his beliefs about everything, but he has always struck me as a guy who is at least willing to *try* and make a change. Any of you out there who are Californians – are you interested in a second term for the govnah? :)

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