Cutting some pork out of the NC budget

Help Congress trim the budget! Earlier, I blogged about the blogosphere’s efforts to give the US Congress some ideas for how to go about trimming some pork out of the federal budget in light of the announcement that the President doesn’t intend on raising taxes to help pay for the Katrina relief and reconstruction effort. He basically said Congress was going to have to get tough and trim some major pork from the budget. Glenn Reynolds ran with the ball and suggested Porkbusters, which is the blogosphere’s contribution to trimming pork :) So far, here are some of the logged responses from the blogosphere.

And now, here are my suggestions for trimming the pork from the NC budget:

$2,000,000 – Pisgah Forest environmental education, Education & Resource Consortium (Economic Action Program – Department of Agriculture)

$3,000,000 – Blue Ridge Parkway, Hemphill Knob Visitor Center (Construction – National Park Service)

$3,000,000 – Morehead City Harbor, beneficial uses of dredged material (Corps of Engineers: Construction)

Total: $8,000,000.

I’m sure more could come out, but that’s for starters. If you haven’t participated in this yet, please click here and choose your state, peruse the list and pick out the pork you think should be cut, and log it here.

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