Sheehan to hold meetings with Hillary, Kennedy, McCain, etc

… while in DC this week. As reported in the Village Voice:

Tomorrow Sheehan and the other members of the tour will start knocking on the doors of Congress. Sheehan has meetings scheduled with Representatives Marilyn Musgrave, Dave Reichert, Jeb Bradley, and Henry Waxman and with Senators John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Edward Kennedy. She also hopes to meet with Senators Bill Frist and Elizabeth Dole, though organizers say Frist and Dole have repeatedly refused requests for a meeting.

No surprises on that list, eh? Why give this woman any face time at all? Unless those doing so want to lend some credibility to her and her ‘movement.’

In the meantime, if you are interested in joining some of the counter-Sheehan protests that will be going on this weekend in DC, click here for more info.

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