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Have any of my fellow bloggers out there been experiencing any pinging issues with Technorati? It just came to my attention yesterday from a kind blogger that my posts are not showing up at Technorati, even though when I update with new content, I am set up to ping Technorati, in addition to Blogrolling, Weblogs and a few other sites like that. Here are the ping URLs I’m set up to ping to:

I even tried deleting all of the above and just using the Pingomatic pinger and that didn’t work, either.

I know it’s pinging Blogrolling and Weblogs as I checked them last night (I didn’t check the rest, but assume they are as well) but Technorati is showing that my site has not been updated in the last 76 days. I have emailed their support as well as their feedback dept and even David Sifry himself to try to get some help (all in the last day) and have heard nothing back. I’ve heard varying stories about Technorati’s turn around time on support and with that in mind, that’s why I’m posting this – to see if anyone else has had this problem and if so, what was done or what can I do (if anything) to correct it. Technorati is the number one search engine out there for people to find what bloggers are blogging about and I of course want people to be able to use key words and have my recent posts (if any) on that keyword show up. Even trying to manually update at Technorati for me has not worked. I am simply at a loss as to why my site at one time updated to Technorati and now no longer does and need some help with this.

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