Water pouring over levees in N.O.

Fox News is reporting with this headline (no story just yet):

Water Pours Over Levee in New Orleans

The email notification from Fox said "dozens of blocks underwater." I’ll post more here as it becomes available.

Update: Here’s the story:

NEW ORLEANS  — Water poured over a patched levee Friday, cascading into one of the city’s lowest-lying neighborhoods and heightening fears that Hurricane Rita would re-flood this devastated city.

"Our worst fears came true. The levee will breach if we keep on the path we are on right now, which will fill the area that was flooded earlier," said Barry Guidry with the Georgia National Guard.

Dozens of blocks in the Ninth Ward were under water as a waterfall at least 30 feet wide poured over a dike that had been used to patch breaks in the Industrial Canal. On the street that runs parallel to the canal, the water ran waist-deep and was rising fast.

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