Blonde joke as told by a blonde

Well, it started off with my redheaded sister emailing it to one of her blonde sisters (that would be me) and now I’m telling it to you :)

12 Brazilian Soldiers Killed

I was sitting at the counter in a diner recently, next to a blonde woman

who was engrossed in reading her newspaper. I noticed one of the

headlines that blared: "12 Brazilian Soldiers Killed."

I could see she shook her head at the sad news as she read the article.

Then, suddenly she turned and asked, "How many is a brazilian?"


But seriously, how many IS a brazilian?  Is that more than a billion? emoticon

Update: For the humor-impaired, I was not chuckling over "dead Brazilians" but of the obvious punchline that should have been obvious after the last sentence: ‘brazilian’ as in ‘million, or gazillion’ – get it?  They sound similar. Sheesh.

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