ST around the blogosphere – part 2

Two more posts up:

Earlier posts by me from today posted at other blogs can be found via the below post:

BTW, apologies for not doing this sooner but I’d like to welcome visitors from all three blogs I’ve blogged at today: Right Wing News, Blogs For Bush, and California Conservative.  I hope you have enjoyed reading what I’ve posted there as well as here and will continue to visit and comment if you would like to.   Here is a little more info about me and my conservative credentials and this is my comment/email policy.  Just a reminder that John Hawkins will be back at the helm at RWN tomorrow, but I will continue to blog at B4B and California Conservative and if John needs me in the future, at RWN as well :)

And to the regulars readers, commenters, and trackbackers here: thank you again for helping to make this blog a success.   That people think I have interesting and noteworthy things to say leaves me – one of the most wordy people around – almost at a loss for words.  Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and giving me feedback via email as well, and thanks for your words of encouragement and support.   It really does mean a lot to me.  I’m sorry I can’t respond to every email and comment I get anymore, but please know your continued support is very much appreciated.

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