Mark Noonan – Supahstah!

Mark Noonan over at Blogs For Bush wrote a post at B4B asking the question: "Do the Democrats Want a Civil War?"  In it, he said:

I really do urge our Democrats to step back from the edge – you are sitting in a lake of gasoline and you are playing with fire. We on our side will only put up with so much before we start to pay back with usury what we have received. If you can’t defeat Tom Delay in the electoral field, then you will simply have to accept him as Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives – and you’d better start accepting political reality before things get really bad.

Apparently that post hit a little too close to home for folks at the Daily Kos as Mark’s follow up post notes. Yikes!

File this under "you know you’ve made it big when …." emoticon

PM UPDATE: Air America host Mike Malloy has advocated physical violence against Mark Noonan as a result of his post.  Pathetic!  Matt Margolis has the audio here.

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